Identify and Fix the Flaws in Your Pitching Mechanics

Increase your velocity and command while preventing arm and shoulder injury.

Learn how these 4 integrated components can help you now!

Biomechanical Video Analysis
Identify & Fix Your Flaws with a Biomechanical Video Analysis
Pitcher-Specific Strength Training
Pitcher-Specific Weight Training builds strength & flexibility
MLB-based Pitching Drills
MLB-based Pitching Drills teach proper mechanics
Performance Behavior Coaching
Gain a mental edge with Performance Behavior Coaching
Ideal for pitchers, parents
and coaches

90% of all pitchers have flaws in their delivery. Identify your problem areas and train properly – start throwing faster, with more command.


Studies show that the seeds for pitching injury are sown in youth baseball. Why your son may be at risk of an arm injury and how to avoid it.

Coaches and Teams

Monitor the training and results of your entire pitching staff through our online portal. It’s like having an MLB pitching coach on your staff!

How it Works: Four Easy Steps
Make a video

Step 1: Make a video

Make a video (using any standard video recorder) of your pitching delivery.

Upload or mail

Step 2: Upload or mail

You either upload it to our site from your computer or mail your video to 3P Sports.

Expert Analysis

Step 3: Expert Analysis

Our experts conduct the biomechanical analysis of your pitching delivery.

Personal Analysis

Step 4: Personal Analysis

You review your analysis on your personalized and secure 3P Sports Portal.

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