3P Pitching Program

The 3P Peak Performance Pitching Program

Get the same training used by MLB top pitchers now
for pitchers from Little League through College

Improve velocity and accuracy, reduce the risk of pitching injuries.

Upload or mail in a video of your pitching delivery and receive a detailed 14-point biomechanical analysis — the same analysis used by top pitchers like CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee. A detailed motion analysis of your pitching delivery pinpoints your strengths and flaws you must fix.

Find out why every pitcher needs a biomechanical pitching analysis

Achieve the strength and flexibility to pitch your best.

Pitchers require their own specialized training program separate from position players. Designed by former Yankees strength coach Jeff Mangold, this 12-month program provides a monthly set of workouts based on your age to help you reach your pitching goals.

Make the commitment to serious training.
Strength + Speed = Power

Improve arm strength, increase pitching velocity, develop better command.

Created by Milwaukee Brewers pitching coach Rick Peterson, with pitchers Tom Glavine and Al Leiter, these are the same drills used by major leaguers to work on the key aspects of the pitching motion. When used in conjunction with our biomechanical…

Develop the fundamentals needed to achieve great results with our MLB-proven pitching drills.

Master the mental game of baseball pitching

To consistently compete at the highest level, pitchers must have a mental edge as well. Each month 3P provides its pitchers with advice from renowned sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman, consultant to Toronto ace Roy Halladay and many of baseball’s top pitchers…

Start developing the mental edge that every winning pitcher must have.


Insights and reflections of Coach Peterson
Biomechanics for Performance
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