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The 3P Peak Performance Pitching Program

Biomechanical Pitching Mechanics Analysis

Improve Pitching Mechanics and Throw at Higher Velocities with More Command

Improve Pitching Mechanics and Throw at Higher Velocities with More Command

At the heart of the 3P program is a comprehensive biomechanical motion analysis of your pitching delivery measuring 14 specific points within your pitching routine to determine where you are losing power and have the opportunity to throw at faster speeds. Identifying these flaws will also enable you to pitch with more command and identify when you are at risk of injury. Your personalized analysis will identify the areas where you can improve your pitching mechanics, enabling you to throw faster and with greater control. Within each of the 14 measurement results is (1) a video by Milwaukee Brewers pitching coach Rick Peterson explaining the importance of each measurement and how it effects your performance and (2) a list of the pitching drills you should practice to improve that specific measurement. Learn how a biomechanical analysis will get you throwing faster, with more control.

Reduce the Chance for Pitching Injuries

Over 90% of amateur pitchers have flaws in their pitching delivery. 3P’s Biomechanical Pitching Analysis identifies where you have injury related flaws across your full range of motion. These flaws are areas that should be addressed immediately if you want to perform at the highest level. Ignoring this guidance increases the probability of injury. Medical evidence has proven that a pitcher’s body will eventually break down and shoulder and/or elbow injury is likely to occur if you don’t train properly to correct these flaws.

Until recently, this analysis was only available to athletes willing to travel to the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) in Birmingham, Alabama. Now 3P Sports is making it possible for pitchers from youth leagues through college to have the same high quality analysis. The experts at 3P Sports are among the few people outside of the ASMI who are qualified to provide a biomechanical analysis on your pitch delivery.


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The 3P Biomechanical Pitching Analysis









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