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The 3P Peak Performance Pitching Program

MLB-based Pitching Drills

The 3P Pitching Drills

The 3P Pitching Drills program is designed to help pitchers of all ages achieve a clean and effective pitching delivery. Each month you will receive a new set of drills that when mastered will enable you to be one of the premier pitchers in your league.

The 3P Pitching Drills will improve your:

  • Arm strength for increased velocity
  • Pitching accuracy
  • Pitching tempo
  • “Feel” for an effective delivery
  • Stride length
  • Arm angle
  • Timing
  • Leg position
  • Knee position
  • Hip rotation velocity (which directly impacts fast ball velocity)
  • And much more.

These routines have been used by major league pitchers that have achieved the highest level of success, including many Cy Young award winners. Developed by Milwaukee Brewers’ pitching coach Rick Peterson and tested at the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) pitching lab, the 3P Pitching Drills program is designed to help you become the best you can be while significantly reducing the potential for injury based on the red flags identified by our Biomechanical Pitching Analysis.

Every pitching drill is delivered in an easy to understand video format within the 3P Internet Portal. All videos have detailed explanations by Coach Peterson with demonstrations so you can effectively repeat each pitching drill on your own.


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Shadow Box Square Up
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Long Toss Throwing











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