The 3P Pitching Program for Parents

The 3P Peak Performance Pitching Program

The 3P Pitching Program for Parents

The 3P Peak Performance Pitching Program

3P Sports wants to help you keep your son free of pitching injuries while helping him perform at his best.

Some of the greatest MLB experts have come together to develop this program for the sole purpose of reducing pitching injuries among amateur pitchers. There is no program like this available anywhere. The differences are too great to list. Too often we have seen promising athletes have their careers stalled or worse yet, ended because of an arm or shoulder injury. World famous orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews and his research staff have invested over 20 years researching these problems and together we have created the 3P Biomechanical Pitching Analysis and the 3P pitcher development program to end this problem.

Dr. Andrews performs hundreds of surgeries each year on injured youth league, high school and college baseball players. Often the main cause of injury is due to a few flaws in the pitcher’s delivery … many of which you cannot see with the naked eye or traditional video analysis.

If your son is pitching, the only way to confidently know if he has a clean pitch delivery is to have a biomechanical analysis. Don’t be fooled; your son may be a star and pitching well right now, but he still faces an enormous risk for injury. We have frequently seen winning/healthy pitchers come down with arm soreness and injury without warning due to poor pitch mechanics.

What our program will do for your son:

  • Analyze his pitching delivery in 14 segments. These 14 segments are where pitching injuries occur and performance is hindered.
  • Show him by delivery phase where improvements in his velocity and command can be made.
  • Provide him with an advanced pitching drills program that will keep him healthy and performing his best.
  • Give him a pitcher’s strength and conditioning program that is safe and will give him more power than he ever had.
  • Develop his character and get him thinking like a winner.

Parents who want their sons to stay healthy and achieve peak performance results are now doing what MLB pitchers do routinely and getting their sons’ pitch delivery analyzed.


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