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The 3P Peak Performance Pitching Program

Pitcher-specific Strength Training

Weight Training

The 3P Physical Conditioning Program has been designed specifically for pitchers to help them reach their peak performance.

Pitching requires specific muscular strength, flexibility and endurance. The wrong conditioning program can actually reduce performance (ball velocity and control) and drastically increase the risk of injury. The 3P program was developed by proven experts at the major league level and some of our era’s greatest pitchers have used this program.

Leading the team of the 3P Sports conditioning experts is Jeff Mangold. Jeff has been a conditioning coach at the college and professional levels for thirty years. During his position as head strength and conditioning coach with the New York Yankees, Jeff was part of three World Series Championship teams and was the conditioning coach for each of their pitchers including:

  • Mariano Rivera
  • Roger Clemens
  • David Cohn
  • David Wells
  • Orlando Hernández

The same conditioning programs used with these All-Star pitchers are the foundation of the program you will use to achieve your All-Star performance.

A major reason for pitching injury at the amateur level is physical immaturity and general weakness. Many amateur pitchers use generic conditioning and weight lifting programs. These exercise routines build the wrong muscle groups for pitchers and actually reduce your ability to throw with power and accuracy. 3P Sports has created a specific physical conditioning program that is tailored to the proper pitching muscles for strength and flexibility, for your legs, core, torso, arms, and shoulders — so you can pitch like a pro. Each exercise also synchronizes the pitch delivery mechanics identified by our Biomechanical Pitching Analysis so that you remain injury free.

The program is predicated on the same three phase conditioning plan used by major league players today. It features a pre-season, in-season and post-season curriculum that has been fine-tuned for amateur pitchers.

Each of the exercises are clearly explained and demonstrated using a short video format. The focus is on how to safely conduct each movement for maximum results and plan for the proper amount of rest so each athlete will stay energized and strong over the course of the entire year.

Each month you will automatically receive a new conditioning program within your 3P Internet portal. Each of the exercises is selected for you based on your age and the month of the year.

You can reach your true potential by conditioning the right parts of your body to achieve peak pitching performance.


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The 3P Strength Program
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