The 3P Peak Performance Pitching Program



If you are seriously thinking about this program, here are some things the 3P team of coaches and experts want you to know.

  • Staying healthy should be your most important concern.
  • Pitching with optimal speed and control should be your second most important concern.
  • Make the commitment to serious training. Pitching power is best expressed as a formula: Strength + Speed = Power.
  • Strength comes from conditioning. The will to prepare is what drives the greatest athletes in all sports. Habits require a 22 day commitment. Get started today, and don’t stop for 22 days. The power of positive momentum will carry you even on your most difficult days.
  • Speed, accuracy and control are trained by executing the correct drills regularly. Fast ball velocity is directly related to hip rotation. Our pitching drills develop the fundamental skills to achieve Cy Young results consistently.
  • Do I really need Performance Behavior Coaching advice? You bet, because it makes a great player even better. When you can win in your mind before the game begins, you bring a superior advantage that is shared by all winners.


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