About 3P Sports

About 3P

About 3P

The Vision

Today, 3P Sports is redefining baseball training. First, with our 3P Pitching Programs and very shortly, with other offerings targeted to position players and skill sets utilized around the baseball diamond. Soon, we will expand again and incorporate new sports categories and bring the same peak performance value offering – a web based total training system, to millions of athletes regardless of age or location. This road map is the basis for our culture and our daily drive.

The 3P Sports Pitching Program is comprised of 4 integrated components designed to help pitchers meet their velocity goals without injury:

01| Biomechanical Pitching Analysis
Improve velocity and accuracy, reduce the risk of pitching injuries.
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02| Performance Pitching Drills
Achieve the strength and flexibility to pitch your best.
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03| The Performance Strength Training
Improve arm strength, increase pitching velocity, and develop better command.
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04| Performance Behavior Coaching
Master the mental game of baseball pitching.
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Summarized by founding partner Rick Peterson, MLB Pitching Coach for the Milwaukee Brewers

“The privilege of a lifetime is making the commitment to be the best of who we are.”

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