Pitching Mechanics Videos


Pitching Mechanics Videos

The 3P Pitching Program
Insights and reflections of Coach Peterson and famous pitchers, plus commentary from Dr. Andrews. Introduction by Peter Gammons.

The 3P Biomechanical Pitching Analysis
Al Leiter outlines why every pitcher needs a biomechanical pitching analysis.

Playoff Pitching Matchups: Yankees vs. Angels
Coach Peterson appeared on ESPN again to provide his unique insights on each of the planned match ups for the upcoming series. He provides the perspectives of a seasoned coach and baseball expert. Healthy pitchers are successful pitchers – this should be a great series no matter which team you like.

FOX Business News Overview
Fox Business Network profiles 3P Sports and interviews Dr. James Andrews, Rick Peterson and Jim Duquette.

Playoff Pitching NY Yankees
Coach Peterson details the keys to the New York Yankees post season success. This video provides unmatched pitch delivery insights for the Yankees 1-3 pitching rotation. Rick outlines why Sabathia, Pettitte and Burnett dominate from the mound. He points out potential flaws each needs to avoid to have great outings in the playoffs. It’s further insight to the revealing nature of the biomechanics in pitching and why every pitcher should have a Biomechanical Analysis.

Evaluating Amateur Pitchers
Jim Duquette shares years of experience addressing how scouts evaluate pitching talent.

3P Program Overview
Coach Peterson and former MLB pitcher Al Leiter discuss the 3P Program and how it helps pitchers at every level improve pitching results.

Biomechanics for Performance
Learn more about how the 3P Biomechanical Analysis will improve your pitching performance, and why a 3P Biomechanical Analysis is the way to know if a pitcher has a clean pitch delivery.

Sample Skills and Drills
The 3P Skills and Drills were developed in conjunction with ASMI Labs and refined with Major League Pitchers. This sample Stride Drill provides insights on how these Drills promote performance and healthy results.

Sample Performance Behavior Coaching
The mental game of baseball is the secret weapon used by all successful pitchers. Al Leiter shares his approach to “Preparation” with Coach Peterson.

Rick Peterson on ESPN Radio
Rick discusses his initial impressions of the 2009 season with Brandon Tierney from ESPN. The 18 minute segment features Rick’s perspectives on pitching performance, pitching delivery and healthy pitching.

Jeff Mangold on Mariano Rivera
In 2009, Mariano Rivera had more than 40 saves and recorded his 1,000th strike out. Jeff Mangold, former strength and conditioning coach for the Yankees and had the opportunity to train the great Mariano for many years. This profile provides insights that are rarely visible and tips that will improved any pitcher’s strength and conditioning program.

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