Pitching Training Articles


Pitching Training Articles

Epidemiology of MLB Injuries
A 7 year study period looked at MLB injuries with statistical rigor. Not surprisingly, MLB pitchers were ranked highest with a 34% incidence rate reported. Furthermore, pitchers recorded a greater number of days on the DL by nearly double. At all levels of baseball, healthy pitching is paramount.

Burnout In Youth Sports
Burnout in youth sports is a threat to the physical and mental stamina of young athletes. As competitive youth athletics engages younger participants each year, the threat of, both, physical and mental burnout in young players grows more imminent.

Understanding the Epidemic of Youth Pitching Injuries
Young pitchers are in trouble. While that may sound like hyperbole at its finest, it most assuredly isn’t. Rick Peterson succinctly explains the growing epidemic in the amateur pitching market.

3P Sports Healthy Start Program
Returning to the mound with game-level intensity this spring is a process that must be respected by pitchers, coaches and parents. The 3P Sports 12-Week Program is intended to help pitchers start the season without injury and achieve their performance goals from game 1 onward.

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