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Frequent Pitching Could Harm Kid’s Shoulders
During a 10 year study period, Dr. Glenn Fleisig from American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) did a scientific assessment on amateur pitchers. “The study proved a direct link between innings pitched in youth and adolescent baseball and serious pitching injuries. It highlights the need for parents and coaches to monitor the amount of pitching for the long-term success and health of these young athletes.” It is another reason why 3P Sports wants to see every league adopt a pitch count policy and manage it proactively throughout the season.







Daily News

Capauno Relies on the 3P Process for Healthy Pitching by Anthony McCarron
Chris Capauno has already had two Tommy John surgeries. Here he talks about how Coach Peterson’s program, the foundation for 3P Sports, helped him return from the second surgery in the 2010 season while with the Brewers. This year, Capauno will be playing for the New York Mets. Learn how he trained for success using the same training offered in the 3P Program.







Baseball Digest

Rick Peterson Talks Technology, Biomechanics by Jerry Milani
A general Q and A session with Coach Peterson on several baseball topics including pitch count and injury. According to Dr. James Andrews and the ASMI labs, there are three major reasons why a pitcher gets injured. One is poor delivery, which can only be identified for prevention with a motion analysis. Second is when a pitcher is out of shape. Third is overuse. 3P Sports address each concern with the 3P Program.







3P Sports Fixes Flaws by Mark Newman
3P Sports offers an economical program where every pitcher can have his mechanics/delivery scientifically analyzed to determine where flaws exist that can lead to injury. This is the same scientific analysis used by many Major League Baseball All-Stars today.






CBS Sports

Want to save arms from blowing out? by Gregg Doyel
Parents, pitchers and coaches… this is a must read. The human arm and elbow have limitations and yet professional baseball organizations continue to ignore the facts. It looks like Stephen Strasburg is a candidate for Tommy John surgery. Don’t let this happen to your pitcher.






Sports Illustrated

Overuse Injuries in Youth Athletics by Mark Hyman
As the father of a baseball pitcher who visited his son following Tommy John surgery, Mark Hyman has a keen interest in protecting young pitchers. When ask “Are youth pitchers really at higher risk of injuring their arms if they throw year-round?” Dr. James Andrews, the noted authority on pitching injury indicated that youth players who pitched more than eight months a year were five times more likely to have injuries that required surgery.







The Star Ledger

The Swing Shift by Matthew Stanmyer
Bryan Soloman may become a great pitcher, but this story is all about his work ethic and the record tying results he’s accomplished at the plate. We consistently get questions from Parents, Coaches and Pitchers about what it takes to achieve peak performance results. It’s clear to us that Bryan Soloman has done a good job defining this process. We have always felt that preparation equals performance. This is an inspiring story for all.







The New York Times

Posting Pitch Counts by Harvey Araton and Andrew Keh
The New York City’s Public Schools Athletic League is doing something novel relative to pitch counts. In a climate where protecting young pitcher’s arms is still the exception and not the rule, this is a forward thinking move and one more high school leagues should adopt as soon as possible. According to 3P Advisor and world famous Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. James Andrews, “…overuse will eventually catch up to young pitchers…”.







My Central Jersey

3P Program Could Help Pitchers by Greg Trufaro
Even the best coaches are challenged because the eyes can’t see anything moving as fast as a pitcher’s delivery. Using a car’s front-wheel alignment as an analogy, 3P Sports founding partner and current Milwaukee Brewers Pitching Coach Rick Peterson knows that if any of the pitcher’s motion measurements are out of line, a pitcher’s risk of injury increases. Furthermore, the research tells us that arm problems stem from poor conditioning, poor mechanics and poor training. “If you’re a serious enough pitcher that you’re taking pitching lessons you should have your pitch delivery analyzed.”








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Proposed Rule Change by Greg Trufaro
Apparently, the rules for high school pitchers were not written with the pitcher’s health in mind. High School coaches should stand up and help get this out-dated rule changed. Anything we can do to keep healthy players healthy should be important to everyone affiliated with baseball. If this rule of 8 pitches to warm up has left your pitcher suffering make your voice heard. If you have not yet been slowed by this rule, jump on the band wagon before your pitcher’s luck changes.







Sports Illustrated

Teams weigh risk vs. reward by Joe Lemire
The allure of the Perfect Game is compelling to pitchers of all ages. In April, 3P Sports member Chris DeRogotis made NJ high school baseball history with his perfect game. Sports Illustrated writer Joe Lemire discusses the issue from the player and coach perspective more thoroughly. 3P Advisers Al Leiter and Dr. Glen Fleisig are both make significant contributions to this article. Dr. Fleisig tells readers how pitching injuries are a series of small issues that often snowball into a trip to the DL or worse.







3P Sports

New Jersey High School Baseball
3P Sports Member Chris De Rogotis achieved a goal most pitchers dream about with each trip to the mound. On Monday, April 5th, Chris pitched a perfect game. This is never easy as Chris needed to have enough confidence in his pitches to dominate the opposing hitters and enough control of his emotions to complete the task at hand successfully.






Peterson working on formula for success by Adam McCalvy
The 3P Program was initially developed in conjunction with Dr. Andrews and Dr. Fleisig at the American Sports Medicine Institute (AMSI) in Birmingham, Alabama. Once we knew it worked at the MLB level, we packaged the Biomechanical Pitching Analysis and the strength, pitching and behavioral development programs for the amateur markets as the 3P Sports Program. This MLB piece by By Adam McCalvy is a great overview on the 3P Program and Coach Peterson. (February 19, 2010)

New York Post

How Kaz Got His Groove Back by Kevin Kernan
Scott Kazmir explains to the NY Post how Rick Peterson and the 3P Program got him back on track (Oct. 16, 2009)




The New York Times

Arms-Control Breakdown by Ron Berler
Pitcher’s injuries should be an alarming statistic for all parents and coaches. This detailed NY Times essay chronicles several young athletes and their journey from the mound to the operating room and back to the mound. The evidence for arm injury is overwhelming according to Dr. James Andrews, the world famous Orthopedic Surgeon from Birmingham, AL. More needs to be done to alert parents and coaches on how to prevent injury and improve pitching longevity. (August 9, 2009)







New York Post

Tourney Quietly Becoming… by Kevin Kernan
Perfect Game has become amateur baseball’s top forum for talent development. 3P Sport’s alignment with Perfect Game allows the thousands of pitchers to understand how to improve their pitching performance and reduce injury. (July 12, 2009)






Sports Illustrated

Mechanical Engineer by Lee Jenkins
Sports Illustrated picked up on the recent reports surrounding Coach Peterson’s work with Scott Kazmir. This brief article outlines our traditional approach – a Biomechanical Analysis leading to drills and improvement suggestions driving high performance pitching results. 3P Sports utilizes this same approach with all Members. (July 9, 2009)






The New York Times

When Radar Gun Hits 100 MPH… by Greg Bishop
In this article, Greg Bishop compares Randy Johnson and Tim Lincecum – a study in contrast and similarities. Coach Peterson provides some insights into their respective pitching styles that are rarely discussed outside of MLB locker rooms. 3P Sports Advisor Glenn Fleisig also shares the results of his pitching delivery research at ASMI. (June 20, 2009)






…Kazmir Gets Advice From Former Mets Pitching Coach by Mark Topkin
In addition to launching 3P Sports, Rick spent time with Scott Kazmir prior to the Perfect Game National Showcase in Minneapolis, MN on June 11. The Tampa papers got the story several days later, once Kazmir had started using the 3P Skills and Drills routines that offered to all baseball pitchers in Coach Peterson’s new Web based program. (June 17, 2009)

Psychologist Helps Phillies… by Sam Donnellon
3P’s Harvey Dorfman has been the secret weapon for hundreds of MLB players who have learned to leverage the mental game of baseball better than their competitors. Donnellon’s article gives readers some insight on why the mind is perhaps the most powerful muscle in our body. (May15, 2009)

In Young Season, Lots of Aching Arms by Joe Brescia
Less than one month into the 2009 MLB season, sore arms are everywhere. Coach Peterson shares his perspectives on a topic that basebal managers and front office officials have wrestled with for decades. Pitchers must be healthy to pitch. (April 26, 2009)

The New York Times

When an 18 yr Old Son Needs Elbow Surgery by Mark Hyman
Sports journalist and author Mark Hyman shares his perspective as a father whose son’s injury led to Tommy John Surgery in 2006. It’s a poignant essay from a parent who watched his high school age son achieve great success prior to the injury. (April 25, 2009)






Newton, Biomechanics & Baseball by John Falcioni
Performance in baseball can be expressed in engineering and scientific terms to measure outstanding results. Preparation equals performance, and biomechanical analysis is an exceptionally revealing component to understanding the complexities of pitching a baseball. (April 16, 2009)

Little League Baseball and Elbow Injuries by Tracy Wheeler
Four tips on what to do before injury strikes your amateur pitcher and what to do if the pain comes this season. This article was spotted in the Baseball section on the web site. It’s a must read for all parents with pitchers who have any arm, shoulder or elbow pains. (March 2009)

Understanding the Epidemic of Youth Pitching Injuries by Gary Amrida
In this Full Count Pitch Article, Coach Peterson explores the root causes of arm injury for amateur and professional pitchers. The article introduced 3P’s Performance Triangle for the first time and outlines the 3P program for pitching performance. (February 2009)

The Most Valuable Player in Sports… by Chuck Salter
The scientific engine behind the 3P Sports Biomechanical Analysis was developed utilizing the work done by Dr. Andrews and the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) in Birmingham, AL. The ASMI labs are the foremost authority on pitching delivery and pitching motion. While this article on Dr. Andrews provides a many great insights on the man and his practice, the data behind the practice is the same data used by 3P Sports to evaluate peak performance and pitching delivery. (August 2008)

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