More About Biomechanical Pitching Analysis

What is the 3P pitching training program?
The 3P program consists of four components, each designed by Major League Baseball coaches, players, fitness consultants and sports psychologists. The program includes a biomechanical pitching analysis that will show you how you can increase your velocity and control and reduce the possibilities for pitching injuries. It also provides 12 months of the pitching drills and pitcher-specific strength training used by the top MLB pitchers. Last, but certainly not least, are monthly psychological tips – combined as performance coaching to help pitchers conquer fear and develop a winning mental edge to pitch at the highest levels.

What age group is the program intended for?
Anyone serious about their pitching will benefit from the 3P program. Our membership base spans from youth league pitchers all the way through adult leagues and includes many of the country’s top high school and college pitchers.

How will the 3P pitching program help me improve as a pitcher?
If you follow all of the recommendations in the program you will see increased velocity on your throws, improved control of your pitches, and a decrease in the chance for pitching injury as you develop a motion that is more efficient and safer. You will be stronger, fitter, and have developed a stronger psychological outlook that will enable you to deal with both the positive and negative situations that confront pitchers at all levels.

Who are the experts behind 3P?
Our team of pitching experts is unparalleled in youth baseball instruction:

Former Oakland As, NY Mets and current Milwaukee Brewers pitching coach Rick Peterson has coached multiple Cy Young Award winners during his major league career, working with Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, Pedro Martinez, Johan Santana, Tom Glavine and many others. Rick is an acknowledged expert in the field of biomechanical pitching analysis and one of the few people in baseball who can interpret the results of a American Sports Medicine Institute biomechanical pitching analysis.

Pitchers Tom Glavine and Al Leiter have both benefited and subsequently contributed to the program lending their perspectives and expertise to the extensive pitching content.

Strength and conditioning coach Jeff Mangold has years of player development seasoned during his time with the Yankees and the Mets.

Sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman is widely recognized as the foremost authority in his field. Following team assignments with Oakland, Florida and Tampa Bay, Harvey is the sports psychology consultant for the Boras Group today.

What is so unique about this program?
For starters, how many pitchers do you know who have access to a group of Major League Baseball experts — coaches, pitchers, and consultants — providing them with the same pitching training that the top players in the game all use? 3P Sports is the only organization to bring such a high level of pitching instruction to youth pitchers, from youth league and beyond.

What kind of support can I expect?
The 3P web portal was designed for athletes who wanted a system that didn’t require any time investment to operate. If you can send email, you can navigate through the 3P Portal. For members who have questions, 3P has a support desk that usually provides answers immediately. Member’s satisfaction is one of our primary goals.

How is the 3P pitching training program delivered?
The entire program is delivered online through a secure website and can be accessed 24/7.

How much does the 3P Program cost?
The 3P program is sold either as a complete package or you can purchase any of the four components separately. Please see our pricing page for more detailed information.

Do you have programs for Coaches?
The 3P Membership can be configured for teams and schools with significant savings. Please contact 3P Sports at 732-927-4410 for more information.

Can I purchase individual components?
Yes, any of the components that make up the 3P pitching training program can be purchased individually. For best results, we recommend using the complete program as you will see the most progress (and receive a significant pricing discount), but any of the individual pieces work well on their own and can be a good way for you to understand better how the program works. See the pricing page for individual component prices.

If I purchased one component, can I upgrade to the complete package?
Sure. If during the first 30 days of purchasing any component you decided you wish to purchase the entire 3P pitching training program, we will credit the price already paid for the individual component towards your purchase of the complete package.

How long does my subscription to the program last?
The program provides you with one full year of pitching drills, tips, conditioning workouts and sports psychology tips. You can renew the program at the end of your first year.

Can coaches and parents access a pitcher’s account?
Yes. In fact, we encourage this, as our system is ideal for coaches who want to have access to all of their pitcher’s accounts, to monitor their progress as they work through the program. Parents can also access their individual child’s account.

Can I use the program with my private coach?
The 3P program works well for players working with their own individual coach. Once we have performed your biomechanical pitching analysis, your private coach can access the recommendations and then work with you to perfect them once you share the login credentials. Furthermore your coach can access your account to track your progress and see the pitching drills and conditioning tips that we recommend, as well.

How do I pay for a 3P Membership?
We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover. The 3P site offers a single payment option or a monthly billing plan. You select the plan that works best for your personal situation.

Can 3P help with fund raising efforts?
Organizations can increase their fund raising efforts by providing 3P Programming to team members and visiting teams during tournament and showcase play. Plesase contact 3P at 732-927-4410 for more information in these programs.

Does the 3P Program follow the baseball season?
We firmly believe a rest period is required for all pitchers. Therefore we focus more on strength training once the MLB season winds down and offers our members insider’s tips and suggestions on how they can prepare for spring training without injury.

More About Biomechanical Pitching Analysis

Can I get multiple biomechanical analyses performed?
Yes. After your initial recommendations are delivered, you can always request additional analyses at a cost of $229. We recommend that after your initial analysis you spend at least two to three months working on your delivery and implementing the changes and corrections we suggest before you have a new analysis performed.

Where do I go to get a biomechanical pitching analysis performed?
You don’t have to go anywhere. You simply ship or upload a video of your pitching delivery from two angles. You can also watch our video on how to video your biomechanical analysis.

How long does it take to get my video analyzed?
3P Sports promises a 10 business day turn around policy for all members’ videos.

How will I know my 3P Sports Portal is ready?
The system will automatically send you an email notification when the portal is live. Thereafter, you will receive a monthly notice when the portal is refreshed with new Drills, Strength Training and Performance Behavior Coaching content.

How do I know this program really works?
The 3P program is unlike any pitcher training program available today. It is based on the work done by Dr. James Andrews and the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, Alabama. The 3P Biomechanical Pitching Analysis is predicated on 20 years of research on pitch delivery with many of the top pitchers in the game. The data has been developed using rigorous academic standards for accuracy and statistical reliability. The 3P Pitching Drills were studied for effectiveness and reliability in a similar fashion. While many have opinions on the pitch delivery, few use a fact based system with detailed scientific data as the backbone.

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