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Either Payment Plan includes
the Full 3P Program:

one Your personal biomechanical piching analysis
one An age specific pitching drills program that is updated monthly
one An age specific strength training program that is updated monthly
one Performance behavior coaching for superior mental results
Payment Plan
Payment Plan


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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Offer details: Cancel anytime during the first 30 days and get a full refund. For your convenience, monthly memberships will renew each month.

"This program will get you to perform at the highest level. With over 300 wins during my MLB career, I know what it takes to perform at the highest level. I have worked with Rick Peterson and used this 3P Program so I know it will give you the edge you need to perform your best while helping you stay injury free."

– Tom Glavine, former Atlanta Braves and NY Mets All-Star

"You get so much for your money! The program is excellent. A very complete package for the pitcher… without having to pay for private coaching. I learned things about my son’s delivery that I did not know before. The Drills Program is the most complete I ever saw. It was very simple to take the video and send it to 3P. You get so much for your money. The Program is excellent!"

– Rusty Fridell, Father of a D-III College Pitcher

Not ready for the Full 3P Program? See these individual offers below.


biomechanical 3P Biomechanical Pitching Analysis

A detailed motion analysis of your pitching delivery to show you when you need to make adjustments to improve your velocity/accuracy while reducing your risk of injury.

Buy now for $299.00

physical 3P Physical Conditioning

The monthly 3P conditioning program designed specifically for pitchers. Each month you receive a new program based on your age – designed to help you achieve All-Star results.

Buy now for $150.00

skills 3P Pitching Drills and Skills

These pitching drills, updated monthly, help pitchers learn the how to achieve their peak results and pitch like Cy Young winners.

Buy now for $100.00

skills 3P Performance Behavior Coaching

How to consistently master the mental game of baseball.

Buy now for $150.00

additional biomechanical 3P Additional Biomechanical Analysis

Members have the opportunity to submit additional videos for updated analysis throughout the 1 year membership period.

Buy now for $229.00

Team Skills Performance Pitching Drills – Team

Buy now for $500.00

Team Conditioning Performance Strength Training – Team

Buy now for $500.00

Team Coaching Performance Behavior Coaching – Team

Buy now for $500.00

biomechanical Full 3P Program with 2 BPAs

This is the Full 3P Program outlined at the top of this page with 2 complete Biomechanical Pitching Analyses during the 1 year membership period.

Buy now for $628.00

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